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You Are Not Your Own Substack is a weekly newsletter with short essays, notes, and extended arguments from Alan Noble, associate professor of English, author of Disruptive Witness, You Are Not Your Own, and On Getting Out of Bed, and frequent speaker on the topics of secularism, technology, culture, and Christianity.

You Are Not Your Own Substack explores the themes and issues that interest me most: tracing and revealing the often unspoken and unacknowledged forces that shape our culture, imaginations, and faith. I am especially interested in the β€œSocial Myths” that draw our attention away from meaningful issues, distracting us with trivial drama.

You’ll also find notes from my research as I work on my next book project and expand on the work of previous books. And occasionally I’ll write about random things that strike my interest, like Strawberry Shortcake.

Most articles will reflect the influence of the scholars I have been reading, which I like to think brings some freshness to the topics I write about. For example, you will regularly find me citing Jacques Ellul, Charles Taylor, and Josef Pieper, as well as poets and novelists.

As I lay out in my launch essay, my big plan for this project is to do rich, fruitful, and hospitable cultural criticism that looks beneath the world of appearances. My operating thesis is: β€œChristians adapt to the Spirit of this World far, far more than they realize.”

But in order to do this project well, I do need the aid of readers who can help point me to interesting and insightful examples of cultural artifacts and incidents so that I can study them. If you would like to be a part of that community, please click below.

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I don’t mean to sound flippant with that last point, but that is the reality with this project. It can only exist insofar as I can justify the time to my family. I am excited by the project and the kind of community we are building, so I’m hopeful we’ll be able to find the support necessary to keep this going.

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Author of β€œYou Are Not Your Own,” β€œDisruptive Witness” and β€œOn Getting Out Of Bed,” published by InterVarsity Press. Assoc. Prof English at Oklahoma Baptist University. Writing about secularism, culture, and faith.